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The Closing

Whether you are purchasing a home or selling a house, knowing what to expect and being prepared at the

“closing” can help eliminate stress and result in a pleasant experience. We understand how important this

transaction is to you, and we are committed to consistently providing a level of service that prepares you for this

final step in your real estate transaction.

Do I Need Title Insurance?

When Mistakes Happen…Are you protected?

Buying a home is an exciting and emotional time for many people.  To help you buy your home with more confidence, make sure you get owner’s title insurance.  

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Price List

Purchase Transaction:

Buyer Settlement Fee


Purchase Transaction:

Seller Settlement Fee


Refinance Transaction:

Borrower Settlement Fee


Release Tracking Service payable to ReQuire Inc

$35.00 per payoff

CPL Fee payable to First American Titile Insurance Company


Title Search and Examination (3rd party provider)


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If Needed: Unreleased Trust

Research and releasing tracking (3rd party provider)

$200.00 per item

Title Insurance: Lender's Premium

Based on the Loan Amount - Refinances will automatically receive reissues rate

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Title Insurance: Owner's Premium

We offer the Enhanced Eagle Policy on all qualifying purchases

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Other Third Party charges may apply.

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Seller Side Only Service to include: Payoff acquisition, HOA verfication, signing services


Seller Side Deed Preparation Fee


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Please contact Crown Settlements LLC for additional information. As a courtesy we will provide a preliminary settlement statement upon request


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