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We may be small, but with over 60 years combined experience we have handled just about every situation or issue that can arise during a closing. Crown Settlements LLC will provide you with a boutique – concierge-style settlement. Our focus is on personalized service. We strive to always be available to the client to answer questions and solve problems. We want to handle each settlement as if it were our own. Our goal is not to be the biggest settlement company but to provide the best service at a cost that beats the big settlement companies. When you contact us someone will answer the phone and that person will be able to answer your question or get you to the person who can. We record electronically where available and often are able to disburse funds same day as the settlement. All of our accounts are reconciled on a daily basis utilizing the latest in escrow account management software thereby providing the highest degree of protection to our clients and their funds.


  • Personal Attention: Committed to customer service, we pride ourselves on responding to calls and emails on the same day.

  • Expedient Processing : Settlements will not be delayed due to processing issues. All cases are post closed and disbursed expeditiously, often within 24 hours.

  • Attorney on Staff: David A. Roll. Esq, is available to assist with contract matters, title questions and help resolve issues as they arise. 

  • Out of Office Closing Services: If your client is unable to come to our offices we can accommodate them with an offsite closing at no additional cost. 

  • Electronic File Storage: We can scan and maintain an electronic record of all transactions. Should the need arise for the copies of documents they are available and can be provided to you upon request. We provide this service to you and your client at no additional charge. 

Crown Settlements’ vision is to become an indispensable resource for real estate professionals, lenders, buyers and sellers while building long term business relationships.  By providing courteous and dependable closing services, we will help real estate professionals build their business.


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